Monday 1st January 2018

Dear Diary,

Last night was amazingly fantabulous! Before we could celebrate, we had to find some special decorations for the party. As well as this, I had to make and decorate my dress from anything I could find in the coral reef. I then met up with my best friends Dolly the dolphin, Crusty the crab and Buzz the Betta fish. Over some seaweed spaghetti, we discussed our plans, outfits and problems. Crusty didn’t love my dress but when I showed him his suit he changed his mind (Crusty is a grumpy crab!). Dolly absolutely loved her fresh water pearl necklace, which I spent three months collecting. I only made her such a special thing because it was her birthday tomorrow and I figured she’d want the necklace for the party. Buzz thought that his seaweed bow tie was amazing, even though it was a little crinkled. We wore our clothes to the party and everyone loved them, I’m very proud of that!

I had a wondrous night. Personally, my favourite thing was singing the best song ever; it was called ‘share the celebration. It’s very upbeat and allows you to dance in any style. We danced together a lot. However, we did other things like: playing games (I loved that) and feasting on sea grapes, seaweed salad, plankton patties and much more. Everyone was overwhelmed by the feast. It was mega! It made everyone full up until they were bursting.


Well, I’ve got to go now because I’m very tired. I may write tomorrow but I may not. Sea you later!

By Lily Gamble