Year 3 have been learning all about instructions and have written our own set to help us wash a woolly mammoth (should we ever encounter one), but in the absence of prehistoric beasts, the next best thing would be to MAKE a woolly mammoth. I wonder if you could try to follow these instructions at home? Send a picture of your best mammoth attempts to

What to do

1.   Cut the top half of the milk bottle, just below the handle and throw away the bottom half. Be careful to leave on the handle, as this will become the trunk.

2.  Cut an arch into each of the bottom two sides to form the shapes in the legs (see fig. 1)

3.   Cover all over with PVA glue and brown tissue paper. You can leave some bits of tissue paper sticking out to make a woolly effect. You may wish to stick on extra pieces of brown paper with frayed edges to look like hair.

4.  Cut some ears out of brown card and stick them on.

5.  Add some googly eyes and some pipe cleaner tusks.

How to Make a Woolly Mammoth