WELCOME! Happy New Year to you all!




Please could you help to support your child in the following ways-




Reading and Writing


The children need to be encouraged to share lots of books, recite nursery rhymes and talk about story content and illustrations. It would also be helpful if your child could practise writing their name and the letters of the alphabet as we are now writing their names daily as they come into Nursery.




The children are counting and recognising numbers from 0-20, finding numbers in the environment and using Numicon to help them with 1 to 1 correspondence. They will be singing nursery rhymes with numbers, for example ‘Five Little Ducks to help reinforce number knowledge. Reciting number rhymes is an enjoyable way of learning numbers.


Home School Diary


The children are encouaged to share their weekend news in their diary and return it to school on Wednesday.


Thank you for your continued support!


Welcome to Nursery

Welcome to Nursery

Welcome back to Nursery! Whilst we can't do meet the teacher in person, please have a look at our meet the teacher PowerPoint which should hopefully answer any questions you may have. Meet the Teacher PowerPoint 

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