Summer 2021 – Nursery 



We will be playing lots of games to help us tune into rhyme. These will include continuing to sing rhymes we know and learning new ones, reading rhyming books, playing Silly Soup (which you can find on the letters and sounds website) playing rhyming bingo. In class we will also be focusing on alliteration. Playing I spy, using alliterative sentences with the children’s names, amongst other fun activities. There will be a big focus on oral blending and segmenting. We will encourage the children to hear and then say the sounds in simple three letter words. This is the stage before reading and writing and a great way of preparing them for Reception class.


The children will be encouraged to problem solve with numbers to 5. We will playing maths games to embed our knowledge of numbers to 5. Playing games with dice, dominoes etc. In class, we will be doing lots of sorting activities, shape hunts and beginning to learn about positional language.


In class, we will be reading books about growth, including  Jasper’s Beanstalk and Growing Plants. In addition to our focus stories of The bad tempered ladybird, What the ladybird heard and The very lazy ladybird. There will be a lovely focus on minibeasts and we will read books to further our understanding and help us to engage.


Springtime brings many changes to the environment and the children will be encouraged to look at these. The children will be involved in planting seeds and looking after them as they grow. We will be looking at our own growth and how we have changed from when we were a baby. We will talk about healthy eating and how we can look after ourselves and each other.

Thank you for your continued support!

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Maths Games in Nursery

Maths Games in Nursery

We have been reinforcing our Number skills by playing number games. We are learning number skills alongside taking turns and sharing. We played games with an Easter theme, sung Humpty Dumpty and acted out the rhyme.

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