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Tameside Council Early Help

The Tameside Early Help team are here to support parents and carers in Tameside. Tameside MBC Early Help Access Point

The Early Help Neighbourhoods website is another good place to visit to find support services: TMBC Neighbourhoods

Tameside is committed to supporting children and young people at the earliest point that help maybe required.

All children and young people will receive Universal Services such as School and Health Services, however, some children, either because of their needs or circumstances will require extra support to be healthy and safe and to achieve their potential. In Tameside we have recognised that a timely response is essential for families who need some support and to achieve this we have developed our Early Help Offer.

Early Help may be needed at any point in a child or young person’s life and we seek to offer support quickly to reduce the impact of problems that may have already emerged. Families are best supported by those who already work with them organising additional support with local partners as needed.

For children whose needs and circumstances make them more vulnerable, a coordinated approach is usually best, based on an Early Help Assessment, with a Lead Practitioner to work closely with you and your family to ensure that you receive all the support you require. A range of services are available to help you with the problems you may have.

The Early Help Access Point can help you access services including services for adults. Many adults have additional needs because of issues with substance misuse, mental health needs, parental learning disabilities and domestic violence which can impact on their health, wellbeing and family life. Services which work with either children and young people or adults need to co-ordinate the support they provide to you and your family. If you need to request a service on behalf of yourself and your family or need advice please make sure you contact us.

The Early Help Access Point can provide you with advice and guidance about lots of child related subjects including:

  • General advice is available from the Family Information Service covering many subjects including child care provision, childminders and free child related activities, impartial advice on all aspects of childcare including choosing care, providing listings of Ofsted registered childcare in your area, advice on how care is regulated and the best options for you and your child. We can also provide extra help and support if you have never used childcare before or are finding it difficult to access childcare to suit your needs. We offer information about the Free Entitlement Funding (FEF) – free 15 hours childcare places for all 2, 3 & 4 year olds including support with completing an application form to apply for the free 2 year old funding. We can offer information regarding the ’30 hours free childcare’ for 3 & 4 year olds including advice on how to apply via HMRC, criteria, etc. We can inform you about activities and groups for families including pre-school playgroups, toddler groups & Children’s Centre activities. We can signpost you to services both local and national organisations including information relating to SEND.
  • Early Help Assessment (EHA Advisors are available to speak to you).
  • The Team Around Approach – (Neighbourhood Coordinators are available to speak to you).
  • If your family needs help from a keyworker, with your permission your family will be discussed at a panel which is attended by professionals from other support services. You will be notified if a keyworker is allocated.
  • If your child has been harmed or is at risk of harm, Tameside Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub will be informed.

Click these links below to see the range of services available to Tameside families. 


MASTER-List-of-services- Parents

Online parenting courses (free for Tameside residents using the code on the poster) Parenting Courses online

Stockport MBC “Stockport Family” Early Help approach 

Stockport Family website

A child’s biggest influence is their family. With many different services now working together as part of Stockport Family you will not have to tell your story to lots of people and it will be easier for you to find the support you need, when you need it.

Sometimes we all need a little extra support. Stockport Family can put you in touch with the right person so that things do not get worse.

When there’s an issue affecting a child or young person or family member and if it’s safe and appropriate to do so, we’ll work with you and your family to plan the support you need so that you’re able to take responsibility for improving the situation.

Wider family members, like grandparents or even friends can often provide help and encouragement. We’ll respect your views and listen carefully to what your family needs.

If you or your family need help then we’re here to assist you. Please get in touch by telephone on 0161 217 6028 or email:

See links below for more information about Stockport Family and the services they offer. 



Click here for the recent Tameside guidance – “Family Guide to Getting Advice and Getting Help – Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health.”

In this document you will find lots of contact information for organisations that can help families seeking support. There is specific advice regarding parents of SEND children as well as advice around self-referrals for children aged 8 and over. 

As always, we are happy to discuss this with you in school and support you in seeking support from these organisations. 

Tameside have recently a “Helping Hand” document that provides information about support services in Tameside to help families manage the cost of living.  You can find the information here: Helping Hand Support Document