Science Curriculum

We follow the National Curriculum for Science ensuring all pupils develop their scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding through specific disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. We aim to make our Science curriculum as hands on as possible and hence, have a strong emphasis on ‘Working Scientifically’.

We have developed 3 report templates for pupils to use when investigating: The Einstein Report for Key Stage 1, The Newton Report for Years 3 and 4 and The Hawking Report for Years 5 and 6. The different report formats give structure to children’s scientific investigation and allow a build up for skills progression.

All Science units are based around a half termly question, such as – “Could we cope without electricity?” or “How does Usain Bolt move so quickly?” These questions give children a starting point from which to direct their learning.

Science in Early Years

More information to follow shortly.

Primary Science – Information for Parent/Carer(s)