This is a really busy half term! 

On the lead up to Christmas, we will be working hard as usual and also practising our Christmas show – The Puzzled Penguin. You can help us by helping your child practise their words for the show and encourage them to add expression to their voice, give facial expressions and actions with their hands too. We have been giving them guidance with these extra acting strategies during our practises so the children will have a good idea of what to do. We appreciate all your help with these preparations for our show.


We are studying the book The Flower by John Light. Whilst reading this book, we will be doing lots of work related to adding variety to our writing (using sentence openers and different punctuation marks) and improving the vocabulary we use to add description. Please practise the Year 3 spelling Kirfs for the Autumn term – we will be testing them again before Christmas.


We are moving on to using column addition and subtraction to add 3 digit numbers. Then, we will be looking at the 3x, 4x and 8x tables during our multiplication and division unit before Christmas. Throughout both of these units, we will be doing lots of problem solving to apply the skills we have been practising! Please practise the Year 3 maths Kirfs for this term (3 X table) – we will be testing them before Christmas.


We are continuing our unit related to the human body, This half term we are moving on to studying the bones and muscles in our bodies. We hope to do lots of investigations related to our new learning!


Our geography topic this half term is: What makes the Earth angry? We will be studying what is happening under our feet, beneath the Earth’s crust! The children will learn about volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis – it should certainly be an exciting topic!