• Newton was known for defining the three laws in gravitation.
  • Newton’s mother wanted him to become a farmer but he had no interest in becoming one. He had higher expectations for himself as he was brainy.
  • Surprisingly , he owned more topic books than science even though he was famous for science.
  • Isaac Newton disliked to hear any criticism and he became a part of a bitter argument with Robert Hooke, an original member of the Royal Academy
  • You can’t always be right Isaac!

His most important published work was his theory about gravity which helped to explain the movements of the planets and the Sun. This theory is known today as Newton’s law of universal gravitation.

 In 1668 Newton invented the reflecting telescope. This type of telescope uses mirrors to reflect light and form an image. Nearly all of the major telescopes used in astronomy today are reflecting telescopes.Thank you Isaac!

By Charlie and Bethan