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The Phonics Screening Test normally takes place in the final term of Year 1. However, the test was not able to take place this year with schools being closed for the summer term. It will now take place in December 2020 for the children in Year 2. The test measures progress in phonics skills and knowledge gained throughout Reception and Year 1. The aim of the screen is to identify children who would benefit from additional support to catch up with their peers at this important early stage. The check is carried out individually in one sitting, taking about 5 – 10 minutes. It is an informal and relaxed test with practice words to ensure that each activity is understood.

I want to share with you free resources to support your child with phonics at home. The resources on the website include eBooks, practice sheets and parent films. The parent tutorials are incredible- you will learn how to support your child as they learn with Read Write Inc. Phonics, with detailed ideas and advice on pronouncing pure sounds, blending, and digraphs.

Read Write Inc. guide for parents

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