Year 2

What’s happening this half term?


We will be looking at a variety of texts in the Autumn term to develop our writing in year 2. The genres we will cover are; narratives, recounts, instructions and non-chronological reports. The books we will be looking at are; Callum’s Incredible Construction Kit, The Wonder and Pumpkin Soup. The children in year 2 love starting the year off with Callum’s Incredible construction kit- the book is fun and has a huge pop-up picture of his new house at the end!


We use the White Rose Mastery Scheme of work as the basis for our maths curriculum at Dane Bank Primary School. In the Autumn term, the children in year 2 will learn; place value and addition and subtraction.

In addition to this, we will be developing children’s fluency through our KIRFS (key instant recall facts). 

The children in year 2 will also be given a login for Times Table Rockstars which is an excellent interactive resource online for practicing your times tables.


Our Topic work will also be based around a question: How did the 1st flight change the world? In this unit we will learn about early aircraft including the Wright Brothers glider and Leonardo da Vinci’s ornithopter.


Our Science work will be based around a question: How can we grow our own plant? In this unit we will explore what plants need to survive. We will also set up our own test and make predictions.


Recent News


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Year 2 Phonics Screening

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