Year 6

What’s happening this half term?



In Literacy this half-term we will be studying the book – ‘Shackleton’s Journey’ by William Grill. It is about a man called Ernest Shackleton who was a polar explorer who dreamed of crossing the Antarctic. We will be writing job application letters to try to get a job as a member of the crew on their ship – The Endurance. We will also be writing a balanced argument, where we will present opinions about whether he was crazy to lead these expeditions and narrative stories to tell the tale of their adventures. In all our writing we will be working on including a wider range of punctuation in our writing and continuing to develop our editing and proof reading skills.


This half term will be working on fractions. Throughout all work we complete in Maths, we will be doing lots of fluency, problem-solving and reasoning tasks and we use the White Rose scheme and Power Maths with the children. We do these kinds of tasks so the children get to use their Maths skills to investigate and prove their answers. After the long break from school, the children will be completing some catch up work from Y5 which will be introduced into the lessons alongside their currently learning.


Our Science this half term is all about light and our learning question is ‘How can you light up your life?’ The unit focuses on the light, how we use it and how important it is to us. We will be looking at: how light travels, how light is used to reflect objects into our eyes, explain how we see things and how shadows are formed.  We will be carrying out an investigation to see how distance can change the size of our shadows. 


In topic this have term we will be looking at the Brazil and our learning question is ‘Why has Brazil got one of the world’s fastest growing economies?’ and the lead subject is Geography. We will be using maps and atlases, looking at key physical and human characteristics, we will understand similarities and differences in different regions and we will also understand key aspects of: climate zones, biomes and vegetation belts. Throughout this unit of work we will be using a range of historical sources to gather our information and we will be linking this to ICT by using the laptops or the tablets.


In PE this term we will be learning all about football. We will be building on the skills we learnt last half-term, improving our passing, shooting, movement and team play skills. Throughout this scheme of work the children will be learning about the key skills they need to play football, but also learning about teamwork and involving all their team mates. We will be looking how exercise changes our heart rate and why this happens. In PE we want the children to understand that PE is fun but also exercise is very important for our health and body.

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