Year 6

What’s happening this half term?


We are studying the book – “Shackleton’s Journey” by William Grill. This is about a man called Ernest Shackleton who was a polar explorer who dreamed of crossing the Antarctic! We are going to be writting job applications to try to get a job as a member of the crew, balanced arguments where we will present opinions about whether he was crazy to lead these expeditions and narrative stories to tell the tale of his adventures! Throughout all our writing we will be working on including a wide variety of punctuation in our writing and continuing to develop our proof-reading and editing skills.

We will also be using a video clip called “The Ridge” as a basis for some writing at the end of the half term.


This half term we will be working on: decimals, decimals and algebra. Throughout all our Maths work we will be doing lots of fluency, reasoning and problem-solving tasks where we have to use our Maths skills to investigate, analyse and prove. 


Our Science learning challenge question this half term is, “Could you be the next Nintendo apprentice” – this unit focuses on electricity. We will be considering how the brightness of a lamp or volume of a buzzer is linked to the voltage of cells in the circuit, use recognised symbols in circuit diagrams and consider how components of circuits work together.


Our Topic learning challenge question this half term is, “Why should we remember the Maya” – The lead subject is History. We will looking at how the Mayans lived and how their ancient civilization was actually quite advanced. We will look at the way they communicated, their religious beliefs, what foods they ate and what their cities tells us about their society. Throughout the unit we will be using a range of historical sources to gather information. Our topic challenge for this half term is to find out about the Mayan city of “Chichen Itza” and teach our classmates at the end of the topic.



Year 6 SATs Meeting

Please find attached the PowerPoint file which details the information that will be discussed at the SATs Parent Meeting on Thursday 7th February 2019. If anyone has any questions/concerns about the SATs tests, please come and speak to Mrs Lennon....

Year 6 Safer Internet Day

On Safer Internet Day, Year 6 used drama to explore situations where it is important to make sure we are safe online. We considered the issues of 'consent' and 'permission' and discussed why these are so important.

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