Welcome to Dane Bank Primary School

Resilient Worker

An effective learner doesn’t give up and keeps trying when things are difficult.

Team Player

An effective learner works well with other people and understands the benefit of collaboration.

Curious Questioner

An effective learner wants to find things out and asks questions to help them learn.

Problem Solver

An effective learner knows how to try different approaches to help them solve tricky problems.

Clear Communicator

An effective learner communicates well with others and shares ideas.

Reflective Learner

An effective learner takes time to look back and reflect on their work in order to improve it.

COVID-19 Updates….

Please be reassured that the School Leadership Team will be working hard to plan for the next steps.

It goes without saying that the safety and well-being of your children, the staff and whole school community will be paramount in any plans that we make.

Guidance from the Government and Public Health England is being updated constantly. We will continue to communicate with you via the usual channels.

Our statement of purpose is:
“Enjoy and Achieve Together”

The achievement refers to attainment in academic, physical, social and emotional development, including children’s well-being. It is essential that school and home work together to develop all of these aspects of your child’s education.

School will provide high quality teaching and assessment, a broad and balanced curriculum and a stimulating, well resourced and well structured, caring and safe environment within which your children can thrive and achieve. We hope that you will support your children by ensuring that they complete their homework, go to bed at a reasonable time, have breakfast before they come to school and that you attend Parents’ Evenings and any other parent meetings when necessary and also support the social and fund raising events that our Friends of Dane Bank Association organise.

We believe that if children enjoy their education they will achieve more and so we will ensure that there is a wide range of enjoyable and interesting activities with which your children can engage.

Our Principles Are:

  • Good communication makes our school community stronger.
  • Being happy helps everyone succeed.
  • Everyone is valued.
  • A positive attitude leads to positive actions.
  • Working together makes a change for the better.


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Friends of Dane Bank

“I am proud to be part of a team of staff who are committed and dedicated to encouraging the children to achieve their personal potential and encourage development of their individual talents.”

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