Friday Certificates

A huge well done to all of our certificate winners this week! Also to the wonderful year 6 who have worked incredibly hard during SATs week!

Year 4 Victorian Trip

Year 4 enjoyed a super trip to Clayton Hall to learn what it would have been like to be a servant during the Victorian times. They dressed up, tried various activities and asked lots of great questions to improve their knowledge.

Trip to the Hat Works

Year 2 had a very exciting trip to the hat works at the start of the half term. They were able to make their own piece of felt and find out about the hat industry in Stockport.  

Year 1 Trip – Portland Basin Museum

Year 1 have had a fantastic day visiting Portland Basin Museum. We explored the old model village which had a church, doctors office, sewing shop and a fish and chip shop. We then had a session were we learnt all about old toys.  

Year 4 Science

Year 4 have had a great afternoon making models of the digestive system out of junk and resources sourced from home. They worked with a partner to create their designs last week and this afternoon, we put their plans to the test. Here are some examples of the finished...

Certificate Winners

Wow! What a great start to the new half term! It was so lovely to see how hard you have been working on your presentation. A huge well done to the children who got their certificates this week for beautiful work. Keep it up!

Year 1 – History

Year 1 have begun their new History topic today, 'What was life like when your grandparents were children?' During today's lesson, they have been sharing their favourite toys. Over the next few weeks, they will be learning how toys have changed over time.

Chester Zoo

Year One went on a wonderful trip to Chester Zoo. We saw lots of animals but our favourite were the meerkats, the painted dogs and our visit through the bat cave. 

Valentine’s Day Treats with Cooking Kay

Today Cooking Kay has been into Year 3 and we made delicious Valentine’s treats. We used squares of puff pastry and turned them into envelopes stuffed with toffee and apples. We added a love heart for decoration engraved with the initials of someone we love. We then...

A trip to the Tudor times

On Monday 28th January we travelled back in time to 1599 when Queen Elizabeth I was on the throne. We visited Bramhall Hall - home to the Davenports - and met the servants and some of the family. We learnt how to make nose gays (to cope with the dreadful stench and...

Year 6 Safer Internet Day

On Safer Internet Day, Year 6 used drama to explore situations where it is important to make sure we are safe online. We considered the issues of 'consent' and 'permission' and discussed why these are so important.

African Artwork

This half term our topic is 'What will we see on our journey around the world?'. Through our English lessons, the children have been reading stories from other cultures including Meerkat Mail and Handa's Surprise. They have produced some amazing African sunset artwork...

When Santa came to visit

Dane Bank Primary School had a very exciting visitor for our Christmas party. Santa landed on our roof and came with presents for all the children. Thank you Santa!

Year 6 Jewish Museum Trip

Year 6 recently went on a trip to the Jewish Museum as part of their learning in RE. During the trip they were able to ask questions about the religion and look at religious artefacts and symbols.

Y6 fun in the snow!

Year 6 had a great time in the snow! They showcased all their creative skills and made lots of marvellous snow creations! Great to see so many smiley faces!

Sikh Temple Visit Year 5 and 2

As part of our curriculum, year 5 and 2 visited a local Sikh Temple in Manchester. At the Temple we met with Bobby Singh who gave us a tour of the Gurdwara and told us lots of facts about the Sikh religion. We then had vegetarian rice in the Langar.