Aims & Values

Our School Vision

We aspire for every child to be happy, caring, secure and responsible; to develop a lifelong passion and thirst for learning, to enable them to fulfil their potential and be prepared for the challenges of the 21st century.

Mission Statement

  • We ensure the highest levels of achievement through provision of the highest quality teaching which delivers a broad, balanced and meaningful curriculum.
  • We encourage and challenge our children to be active, creative, independent and self-critical learners who are unafraid of making mistakes and who adopt an “I can” attitude in all that they think and do.
  • We promote a warm, welcoming environment and school ethos in which the uniqueness of every individual is valued and relationships are based on respect, honesty and trust.
  • We make learning vivid, real, enjoyable and challenging and open the doors to ambition and possibilities; striving for and achieving excellence.
  • We actively promote strong partnerships between school, home, local and the wider community.

School Motto

Enjoy and Achieve Together

The 5 Rs for Learning

At Dane Bank Primary School we try to encourage children to develop the 5 Rs for learning. We believe these will help children to become more independent and confident learners.


Being resilient means ‘sticking at it’ when things are really difficult!

A resilient learner:

  • Keeps on going… even if it’s tricky!
  • Believes in themselves and knows they can do it!
  • Tries a different method if the first one doesn’t work.
  • Shows a positive attitude! 


    Being responsible means ‘organising your own learning’!

    A responsible learner:

  • Always has the materials they need for that lesson.
  • Looks after their equipment.
  • Plans their work carefully.
  • Takes responsibility for their work.
  • Asks for help if they need it.


    Being resourceful means knowing ‘what to do’ and ‘where to go’ when you get stuck.

    A resourceful learner:

  • Tries lots of different ways to find an answer.
  • Can explain and talk about their learning.
  • Takes risks.
  • Finds out information independently – including through using ICT. 


    Being reflective means you can ‘learn from experience’.

    A reflective learner:

  • Thinks carefully about what they have learnt.
  • Asks lots of questions.
  • Learns from mistakes.
  • Responds to “Fix It” comments and acts on them.
  • Considers how to improve their work. 


    Being ready means you are ‘enthusiastic and excited’ by your learning!

    A ready learner:

  • Is motivated and enthusiastic.
  • Sets their own learning targets.
  • Always wants to do their best and show what they know!
  • Works well with a partner or in a group.