Autumn Term – 2022 Nursery




In Phonics we will be focusing on Phase 1 -Environmental Sounds. This is where we will be using our listening skills to hear initial sounds like at the beginning of our name. We will be singing rhymes and learning new ones as well as playing games to help us to tune into rhyme. We will be focusing on listening to stories and again tuning into rhymes not only in songs and games but in the books we read as a class as well.


In the EYFS curriculum we are focusing on the numbers 0-3 in greater depth to give the children a firm foundation this nursery year and going into Reception. We will be playing games that help us to recognise numerals 0-3 and match the correct value to those numbers. We will be using lots of different types of resources to help us do this such as dice, dominoes and Numicon.


In English we will be looking at lots of different books and stories that are linked to our themes on colour and food, celebrations and light.   we start off the term with The Tiger Who Came for Tea, Supertato, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Meg and Mog, The Rainbow Fish, Pirate Pete and the Nativity story.

Other areas of learning

This term we are focusing on our  well being and our social and emotional development. We are focusing on helping the children settle in and build relationships with the other children and adults in the setting. 

We are also continually developing our outdoor provision and the children have loved exploring and engaging with our new resources in the water area and construction role play.

Thank you for your  continued support

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