Year 4

What’s happening this half term?


This summer half term will be basing all of our work in English around Greek Myths to tie in with our topic on Ancient Greece.  We will be comparing different versions of the same myth and creating our own mythical creature for use in Greek mythology.


In Maths we will be generating data by asking questions and then mapping these results on a variety of graphs. We will then be asking and answering questions about this data. We will also be looking a geometry this term. This will involve looking at angles, different types of triangles and co-ordinates. Our KIRFs for this half term involve multiplying and dividing numbers by 10 and 100.


For our history topic this half term we will be asking the question, “How have the Ancient Greeks influenced our lives today?”. In this topic we will be looking at democracy, Greek Gods and religion, Spartans and the Olympics.


This half term our Science unit is local habitats. We will be investigating both plants and wildlife within our local area and thinking about why these things are in our area. We will also be asking what effect climate has on plants and animals, and how things become endangered.


Ukulele band performances

The children had great fun performing in their bands during Friday's Ukulele lesson. They had not had long to practice, but I am sure you will agree that they all sounded great. Here is a selection of some of their performances. [video width="1280" height="720"...

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