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aWe will be focusing oWhat’s happening this half term?


This Autumn half term will be basing our work in English around The Lost happy Endings by Carol Ann Duffy and The Great Paper Caper by Oliver Jeffers. These are both books which are great to read and discuss. The children will be writing a description of Jub’s treehouse where they will be using lots of lovely vocabulary and then trying to persuade bear not to chop down the trees by writing him a letter. This will give us the opportunity to research the dangers and consequences of deforestation. We will be following a comprehensive spelling scheme which will allow the children time to practise some of their KIRF spelling words as well as learn some new spelling patterns.


Our main focus in Maths this half term is multiplication and division. We will be focusing on the 6,7 and 9 times tables as well as multiplying and dividing whole numbers by 10 and 100. There will be opportunities to catch up with any lost learning during lockdown and we will revisit some of the Year 3 curriculum during starters and morning activities. We will be developing different calculating strategies and finding many different ways to solve problems. We will continue to work on daily problems to test our reasoning skills and will be working in pairs to solve open ended problems.


Our topic focus this half term is History and we are asking,  ‘Who were the Roman and what did we learn from them?’ This topic gives us lots of opportunities to not only look at the History of the Romans and experience life in Roman times but also to look at features that are still around today. We will be learning about and sketching aqueducts and looking at the structures of Roman roads. The children will also be designing and making their own Roman shields and then we will be marching like Romans and learning some battle formations. 


This half term our Science unit is ‘States of matter’. This unit leads to lots of science investigations as we look at freezing and boiling points of different things and we will be looking at the water cycle in great depth. 

Recent News

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day

On Wednesday the 11th, Year 4 dedicated the morning to remembering the brave people that had sacrificed their lives for us. The children created some amazing and very moving acrostic poems as well as decorated some poppies. Mrs Beale kindly decorated the tree at the...



Year 4 have really enjoyed there first Science topic this year. We have been learning about electricity and we have had lots of hands on fun. We learnt how to make switches and test them, we tested different materials to see if they were insulators or conductors, and...

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