Year 4

What’s happening this half term?


This half term will be basing all of our work in English around the book, The Great Paper Caper by Oliver Jeffers.  We will be using this book to write a recount adding speech, a persuasive letter to bear and an explanation about paper aeroplanes.


In Maths we will be focusing on multiplication and division and partitioning to solve problems involving both 2 and 3-digit numbers. There will be lots of opportunities for reasoning and problem solving. We will also continue to work on our times tables including the division facts. Our KIRFs this half term are our multiplication and division facts for the 7 times tables.


Our topic this half term is “Why is Climate Cool”. In this topic we will look at the difference between climate and weather. We will also look at the different climate zones around the world and the reasons for the different climates in relation to their position on the Earth.


This half term our Science unit is Sound. This will involve looking at how sounds are made, how we hear them and how sound can be altered in terms of pitch and volume. We will be carrying out lots of experiments with a particular focus on different ways to record our results.


Year 4 Victorian Trip

Year 4 enjoyed a super trip to Clayton Hall to learn what it would have been like to be a servant during the Victorian times. They dressed up, tried various activities and asked lots of great questions to improve their knowledge.

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