Year 4

What’s happening this half term?


This Autumn half term will be basing all of our work in English around the book ‘The lost Happy Endings’.  This is a lovely narrative which will give us lots of great opportunities for descriptive writing as well as allow us to develop our own story telling techniques. 


Our main focus in Maths this half term will be calculations involving 4 digit numbers. We will be developing different calculating strategies and finding many different ways to solve problems. We will continue to work on daily problems to test our reasoning skills and will be working in groups to solve open ended problems.


Our topic focus this half term is History and in particular Roman Britain. We will be looking at how the Romans were able to invade Britain, finding out which significant figures are associated with this period and looking at how Roman Britain has affected our current lives. We have planned an exciting trip to Chester where we will have the opportunity to dress up as a Roman soldier and can participate in workshops in the Museum. Look out for our topic challenge too!


This half term our Science unit is the changing states of matter. We will be carrying out investigations on various liquids and solids to see which things affect these states. We will also looking quite closely at the water cycle and observing changes that occur naturally and changes that we can create. 


Year 4 Roman Day

Year 4 Roman Day

Today Year 4 have been out on a Roman adventure in Chester. We started our day at the Grovesnor Museum where we spent some time looking at Roman artifacts before moving up to the education room. Here we learnt the importance of Chester as a Roman fortress and had the...

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