Physical Education

We believe that Physical Education (PE) is crucial in encouraging children to develop healthy and active lifestyles.

Our PE curriculum has been developed using the NC Statutory objectives alongside the “Complete PE” scheme of work and resources. These resources focus on developing fundamental movement skills which children can then apply to range of sports, games and activities. In order to ensure there is sufficient breadth and depth across our PE Curriculum, the units have been carefully mapped with clear progression identified. In order to ensure there is depth throughout the PE curriculum and that children have opportunities to develop very strong skill sets in particular areas, certain sports are offered in all Key Stage Two classes. These include, Dance, Gymnastics, Invasion Games and Outdoor and Adventurous activities. Where other sports are offered, e.g. – football, basketball etc – there is opportunity for children to identify which learnt skills they have learnt and where there is opportunity for consolidation. There is a clear knowledge and skills progression outlined within each unit.

Our 6 school values form a golden thread through all our PE units – children are encouraged to demonstrate these values through sports activities and attention is paid to those who do this.

We are also part of the Tameside School Sports Partnership – this helps us to offer our children opportunities to participate in a variety of inter-school competitions and sports events. It also provides effective professional development for our staff. We also work closely with Sport First Coaching – we have a group of Sports Coaches who facilitate lunchtime sports provision for the children as well as helping us offer a range of sports-based after school clubs.

When in Year 4 children also participate in a year-long school swimming programme.

We have a group of pupils who have completed training to become “Sports Ambassadors” – they work closely with the PE Lead Teacher to raise the profile of school sports. 

Information about how we spend our Sports Premium money can be found in the Sports Premium section of our website.


Our PE Curriculum Overview is outlined here:


In line with our agreed approach to teaching and learning and curriculum design, each lessons begins with pupils having the opportunity to “bridge back” and retrieve the knowledge they already have that will help them in the less. There is a focus on recapping prior learning as well as learning and using new vocabulary that has been carefully selected for the lesson. When mapping our curriculum, we have been mindful to ensure there is clear progression in order to support children in being able to retrieve and build upon prior knowledge. We have created ‘skills learning ladders’ that demonstrate this.