Year 2


What’s happening this half term?


In English we are exploring space through different picture books and texts. These books are: Man on the Moon, Bob and the Moontree Mystery and One Giant Leap. We will write a narrative based on aliens, write space poems, create a set of instructions on how to fly to the moon and write an information text on an astronaut. 


In Maths we are looking at multiplication and division, statistics and properties of shape. 


Our topic is based around a question: Shall we go on Safari? In this topic we will look at similarities and differences between Kenya and the United Kingdom. We will also study the world map and learn how to locate cold areas of the world in relation to the equator. 


Our Science topic is based around a question: What is our school made of? In this topic we will look at the properties of different materials and compare manmade and natural materials. We will also look at the problems with recycling plastic and how it can be reused. We will then look at what Charles Macintosh and John Dunlop invented and how we find them useful today. 


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