Early Years

At Dane Bank Primary School we believe that all children have the right to engage with learning that  ignites curiosity; triggers excitement and inspires them to want to learn. We aim to provide children with memorable experiences and key life skills during their time with us in our Early Years department and our staff plan together carefully to ensure the maximum learning opportunities are facilitated. We want children to respect and care for others and to develop self-regulation and social skills.  By providing them with an education that does all of this, we believe children will have the best chance to become well- rounded, confident and happy individuals ready to succeed in an ever- changing world.

The curriculum in Early Years is designed to provide a broad and balanced education that meets the needs of all pupils. It facilitates them to gain the skills, knowledge and understanding, as they start out on their educational journey, supporting them to progress from their individual starting points and preparing them for the next stage of their education.

We aim to facilitate children to develop positive attitudes to learning, fostering their natural inquisitive natures and developing a language for them to be able understand and describe how they learn best. We are constantly working to improve and develop our learning environment – both inside and outside the classroom – and aim to provide a safe, stimulating place for children to reach their full potential.

Click here to find a document called  ‘What to expect in the Early Years Foundation Stage: a guide for parents‘. We are sure you will find it helpful in developing your knowledge of what you should expect whilst your children is with us. Alongside the Early Years Statutory Framework, we also use the Development Matters document to support our planning.

The documents below provide an overview of our Medium Term Planning for Nursery and Reception. You may want to take a look and identify how you can reinforce or consolidate your child’s learning at home.

EYFS Nursery Medium Term Plan – Autumn Term

EYFS Nursery Medium Term Plan – Spring Term

EYFS Nursery Medium Term Plan – Summer Term

EYFS Reception Medium Term Plan – Autumn Term

EYFS Reception Medium Term Plan – Spring Term

EYFS Reception Medium Term Plan – Summer Term


We also have a Progress Model document that provides an overview of progression in learning across Nursery and Reception. You can view our Progres Model document by clicking here.