Year 3

What’s happening this half term?


In English  we will be reading the Stone Age Boy and How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth in Autumn 1. This links beautifully to our history topic and will give us a chance to write both a description of a Stone Age camp and a non-chronological report about the Stone Age. In Autumn 2 we will be reading the text ‘ The Flower’. In this, we follow the story of Brigg and his discovery of a beautiful flower. This text lend itself to some interesting character analysis and an opportunity for the children to demonstrate their creative writing skills 


In Maths this term we are going to be working on securing our place value knowledge. We will be working with 2 and 3 digit numbers and solving problems involving partitioning. We will be using our basic addition and subtraction knowledge to add multiples of 10 and trying to find the most efficient methods for these problems. We will be looking at inverse operations and partitioning numbers in many different ways, using bar models and concrete resources to help us. 

We will be continuing to work on times tables in school and will be spending time each week to try and master these. If you could practice them regularly at home it will give your child a huge advantage as they will have the instant recall of basic facts and therefore be apply to apply their learning to many of our more tricky Maths concepts like fractions and division.


Our  learning question for History in Autumn 1 is ‘Who first lived in Britain?’. Through this History topic, we will be exploring the Stone Age and discovering what it would have been like to live in a Stone Age community and the skills you would need to survive. In Autumn 2, we will switching our focus to Geography and will be investigating Volcanoes.


Our Science learning question for the term is ‘How Does Usain Bolt Move so quickly?’. We will start by looking at diet and how we can ensure that we have a healthy varied diet before moving on to looking at the body and how we can keep this fit and strong. We are having a trip to Eureka Science museum in November which will hopefully give us the chance to consolidate what we have learnt so far and perhaps give us some new ideas too.  


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Investigating our bodies!

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How to Make a Woolly Mammoth

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