Year 1

What’s happening in the Autumn term?

Our books for Autumn 1 are ‘The Tiger Who Came for Tea” and “The Naughty Bus”.
Our books for Autumn 2 are “Room on a Broom”, “Little Robin Red Vest” and “Mog the Cat”.

We will be exploring writing simple sentences and using ‘and’ to join words and clauses. We will also be focusing on how to use finger spaces, capital letters and full stops.


For Mathematics in the Autumn term we are focusing on:

  • Place value within 10
  • Addition and Subtraction within 10
  • 2D and 3D shape
  • Number bonds within 10


Our Science unit for the Autumn term is  “Why are humans not like tigers?” Through this unit, we will be learning about different animal groups, parts of our bodies and our senses.


Our learning challenge for Autumn 1 is “What is it like where we live?”. We will be learning all about maps, our local area, towns and cities and human and physical features. Our learning challenge for Autumn 2 is “Is London Burning?”. We will be learning about how the Great Fire of London started and spread. 




Year 1 Party

Year 1 Party

Year 1 have enjoyed their end of year party. We played lots of games, had a buffet and took part in a quiz. The children said, "I loved playing musical statues and Just Dance", "I loved the party food!" and "I loved inventing our own game, musical pencils!"....

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