I am Erin and I chose unicorns because they are the one mythical creature in my life that I love.

Why I like them

I like unicorns because when I turned eight my party was a unicorn sleepover party and my mummy made the best unicorn cake ever! So that is why I like them.

Bright pegasi, Ruvas and Magicorns are the unicorns you’re going to learn about.

Bright Pegasi 

This species of unicorn can make you feel happy when you’re sad and they can save lives when an inch from death, they can heal you by making you feel better. What’s even better is they come when you need them!





Ruva eat greens just like horses, in fact they are horses with horns and having the faintest powers. They have a thing with flowers no one understands. They are often called Flower unicorns because of that.


If there is one good unicorn it’s a Majicorn! They have the best powers a unicorn can have! They use all their powers for good and to stick together. When they put their horns together they can make the biggest pulse of magic in the world!