Sadly, when we wanted to book a trip to the Manchester Museum to discover more about the Egyptians from historians we discovered that in April the museum closed to school visits. Undeterred, we decided to create our own museum and become the historians ourselves! We time travelled back to Ancient Egypt and have researched mummies, pharaohs, hieroglyphics, pyramids and much more! Now, back in 2018 we decided we would like to share our knowledge with some eager visitors.

The museum was a roaring success and we got great feedback from all the visitors. The curators (Year 3)were real experts in their chosen specialism and created fantastic interactive exhibits where visitors could try to decode some hieroglyphics, taste Ancient Egyptian food and have a go at building their own pyramids.

Check out our pictures to relive your museum experience, or so what you missed!

A huge well done to Year 3 🙂